Who is Čačarôdka

This is me, my name is Katka. I live in Slovakia and together with Čačarôdka (this blog; pronunciation tʃatʃarƱotka) we come from Považská Bystrica. “Čačarôdka” is special term for blueberry in dialect from northern region of Slovakia. It is unique name and usually hard to pronounce for foreigners, so good luck and keep training :). We are pleased to share these tasty blue treats with bears living in our forests.

I love travelling with my boyfriend, good music anytime and anywhere, good quality products, helpers in my kitchen, fruits, humanity, fresh coconut water when it’s more than 30°C and many other things and moments. I really enjoy to prepare home-made basic recipes – sourdough and sourgdough bread, almond or coconut milk, marmellades, jams, syrups, extracts…

I made this blog to create an on-line cookbook of my favourite recipes in order to enjoy my beloved meals while traveling. It is also great platform to make notes about wonderful spots we’ve discovered, delicious food we had and gorgeous places we’ve enjoyed.

I will be very happy, if this blog will inspire, enrich and gratify not only me.

Welcome to Čačarôdka :).


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